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The Door in the Mountain:  Shadow in the Ice 

A free to play and download RPG that shares some insight on where our protagonist are going in book 2 and some back story on some of our favorite book 1 characters. 

Download instructions: Click on the button above to be redirected to  From there click the grey download now button.  You may need to change your pop-up blocking settings for this.  The game will appear as a compressed folder in your computers downloads section.  You will need to un compress the files to play by selecting to extract all files.  Then you can play the game by opening the file labeled Game.

Make sure to select the MAC OS version if applicable.


Additionally I will be simplifying the download process, but currently this is necessary for the game to be hosted and available for free.

Be sure to check other creators great free games at while you are there!



Free to play.  See above for download instructions.

The Pyramid has descended and burdened the world with its horror! Seven levels high, each progressing in difficulty; no one has yet to best this hepta-lithic hell. Surely the world suffers from the savagery of this mysterious madness that has descended upon us. Will you be the hero who rids us of the dreaded pyramid, or become stuck in a perilous promethean cycle?

Designed to require a near perfect play through to complete. The Pyramid will challenge your RPG prowess as you are left with limited save opportunities, sparse resources, and tough decisions on what to fight and what to run from.

Please enjoy the challenge and share your "proof" of victory if you ever best

the Pyramid.jpg



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