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Seaside Cliff
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Book1:  The Great Ghost's Call

In a place not that far away but quite hard to find, exist a world of epic grandeur, wild magic and bold adventure. Join Alice and Jack as they are thrust into a perilous journey to find the door in the mountain when a mysterious and dark force invades their lives. Brimming with romance, mystery and adventure, what started as the campaign setting for a tabletop game amongst a few friends has turned into a sprawling two part novel series. May you enjoy this journey as you seek The Door in the Mountain!

If you choose to download the FREE pdf, please donate $$ to World Vision or consider a sponsorships.  Check WV out with the link to the left!

Book two, The Ascension of Fire, is being written throughout 2024.  Hopefully published in mid 2025.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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