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Sunrise over Mountains

The Door in
the Mountain

What is beyond The Door in the Mountain?  Jump in and find out with this epic high fantasy, filled with romance and danger.  The Great Ghost’s call follows Jack and Alice as their traditional and feudal world is turned upside down by the advent of tyrannical forces.  Follow along on the journey as they are pushed into wild and mysterious lands they have only dared to imagine.  Will this young duo rise to the occasion and unravel the mysteries of The Door or be crushed under the weight of their collapsing world?

Written by a common man with a passion for tabletop RPG’s and telling stories, this budding series is sure to satisfy your hunger for a new fantasy tale, while showing that anyone with a desire, some free weekends and a laptop can tell a magical story that others can enjoy the world over.

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Dark Clouds

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It all started one day at a local comic book shop when two friends and I were looking for something to do.  We had long joked about tabletop games and decided we would give them a try.  I had been a hobby writer for several years and upon running that first home brew one shot as a game master; I had found a playground for my passion of telling stories.  Below I would like to thank all the players that helped me in the creation of the world you are about to enter.  I am blessed to have each of these friends in my life.

  • Michael  as Korrin Stonefinder, J’atar, and various other characters: The only person to have shared in every tabletop campaign I have been a part of, and the first of my friends to host me as a player while being game master.  You’re always bringing interesting back stories, saving your fellow adventures lives and never afraid to make the big decisions!   

  • Levi  as Danzig Yohan, Jace Winthrope and various other characters:           Always there to challenge my limits and flexibility as a game master, Levi brings flair and locked- in role play.  From the first time you tried to steal from a sleeping dragon at level one, to saving J’atars life in a sewer; you have helped make even my most boring sessions a blast to be a part of.

  • Ward as Ulfric and various other characters: The most reliable paladin anyone could ask for.  Equally skilled at smiting dangerous creatures as well as awkward silences; you can always count on Ward for movie like dialog at the table.              

  • Nash as Leofaren: Another friend who spends time as a player and game master.  Calculated, alert, and on task.  He’s the only player I know who stopped an entire army with shrubbery!  How much gold did we get from the tomb?  What is this NPC’s name again?  Nash knows! 

  • Stephen as Undine and Bracks: The friend who took over being our groups game master so I could have time to finish this book series!  He’s quite possibly the king of flavor with a particular penchant for rolling up violent characters that always keep you guessing.  Read his characters sections with caution.

  • Chris as Dobro and Minanius: One of my brothers and a player that routinely makes game masters worry about player character deaths.  When game masters have a NPC describe an enemy as essentially invulnerable and extremely dangerous, most players think to come back at a higher level.  Don’t worry, Chris will find out if that NPC was telling the truth before anyone can get an insight roll.

  • Derrick as Fin: My youngest brother and a player in my first ongoing campaign.  The actions taken, and specifically not taken, in that campaign proved to be extremely formative in the stories to come.  He’s one of the first people I shared any of my short stories with for feedback.  Oddly enough, Derrick is the only player to ever play a wizard in any of my campaigns or one shots.

  • George as Perrin: My oldest brother and another player in my first campaign.  George grew up with a fascination for a wide variety of stories and helped pass that on to me.  I eagerly look forward to the completion of his own original works that are sure to come.

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Living proof that you can write that novel you have been keeping in your head for years, Thomas is a real estate developer by day.  A passionate story teller who finds joy in many forms of media.  He  resides tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains with his wife, best friend and editor Breanne. 

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